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Labkhand Khorshid Company has officially started its export activity in 2016 in the field of production and sale of high quality pomegranates and its various products. Participating in exports and international affairs, he established and continued his new headquarters in Dubai. Using agricultural experts and using new post-harvest technologies, the company controls the quality of its exported pomegranate fruit under the brand name Mika to meet all the needs of the final consumer in order to produce healthy and organic fruits over time. To access. Provide higher maintenance. Our constant motto: Excellent quality + reasonable price = customer satisfaction

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Mika pomegranate products

Organic Pomegranate Pomegranate Concentrate Pomegranate Paste Pomegranate seed Oil Pomegranate skin Pomegranate Flower Ask us for the best products.

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Pomegranate seed oil
pomegranate skin-CustomAvailableCall
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Mohsen Fallahnejad

(+1) 5166544571