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Pomegranate Paste Production 2020

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Pomegranate Paste Manufacturing StepsPomegranate Paste Factory Price


Pomegranate paste is one of the various pomegranate fruit products. This type of product is produced both traditionally and industrially. Middle East Factories operating in this field produce pomegranate paste in different qualities and enter the market.

Pomegranate Paste Production 2020

Pomegranate Paste Manufacturing Steps

when preparing pomegranate paste, its polyphenols and oleic acid are not destroyed by heat, and only its vitamin C will be reduced.

Sweet pomegranate paste:

Sweet pomegranate has a cold and temperamental nature and has less healing properties than sour pomegranate and malt. Sweet pomegranate paste is useful for correcting and purifying the blood.

The nature of the pomegranate paste:

Pomegranate paste is cold, wet and close to moderation and is popular due to its special taste. The healing properties of sour pomegranate are more than sweet pomegranate, and this pomegranate paste is effective in reducing bile, thickening and boiling the blood.

Sour pomegranate paste:

Sour pomegranate has a cold and wet nature. This pomegranate paste can be used to help reduce nausea during pregnancy and increase the appetite of pregnant women, but consuming too much of it will cause constipation.

Sweet or sour pomegranate paste

Pomegranate is divided into 3 categories: sour, sweet and smooth. In traditional medicine, it is categorized as sweet pomegranate, then semi-sour or sour and sweet pomegranate, and finally, sour pomegranate.

Properties of pomegranate paste that surprises everyone

Rich in vitamins

Pomegranate paste contains fiber, potassium, vitamin C, some iron, carbohydrates, sodium, magnesium, manganese, folic acid, polyphenols, oleic acid, sugar, vitamin A, vitamin B group, B1, B2, B3, B3, B6, E.

Lowering cholesterol

Pomegranate paste is rich in compounds called “polyphenols” that lower bad cholesterol, LDL, and prevent the production of fatty plaques in blood vessels. High levels of cholesterol in the arteries can make them harder and can lead to heart problems .

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Pomegranate Paste Factory Price

Pomegranate Paste Factory Price

By visiting online and in-store stores, you will see a great variety of manufacturer brands. Mika Pomegranate paste manufacturing company offers its products in different packages, which include metal cans and glasses. Pomegranate paste is packaged with the highest quality, because the penetration of any air causes the product to become moldy and lose its properties. That is why the type of packaging is very important for the manufacturer and the buyer.

The factory price of pomegranate paste depends on the weight of the pomegranate paste, which is cheaper and more cost-effective if you buy it from the factory. Pomegranate is marketed in glass, the price of which is different, sometimes in plastic packaging, which also has a completely different price .

Sometimes pomegranate paste is produced in factories with different degrees of purity,pomegranate paste vs molasses، which affects the price. You can get the price of pomegranate paste, which is sold in kilos from the factory, which has a good price .


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